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Why GOLFERS Need to Lift Weights from Sheddon Physio Clinic Oakville

Why GOLFERS Need to Lift Weights!!

While Halton is covered in mounds of snow, not many people are thinking about the upcoming golf season. However, this is the perfect time of year to start tailoring your exercise program or to have any current injuries addressed in order to ensure that you hit the links stronger and pain free.

If you look at today’s top golfers, most, if not all, do some form of strength training. The golf swing involves powerful muscle contractions coming from multiple body parts. The key areas to focus on are the rotator cuff    and scapular stabilizers, the trunk and core musculature, and the glutes and hip extensors.

What are the benefits of lifting weights?

1. More strength equals more speed/force;

2. Reduces golf specific injuries by 30-50%;

3. Results in longer drives and distance on your iron shots;

4. May increase your accuracy and consistency;

5. Can increase your putting distance control

Strength gains generally take up to 8 weeks of consistent training before seeing any progress. Don’t wait until the snow melts and courses open. Get ready now and spend the warmer weather at the range and on the course working on your technique. Not sure where to start? Get assessed at Sheddon Physiotherapy, where Jason Kobrick and Erin Shapcott have both completed their golf specific rehabilitation courses and can help answer any of your questions.

Stay tuned for our next Blog discussing Golf and Mobility.

Free Barre Class Sheddon Physio Sports Clinic Oakville Mississauga



By: Emily Desmarais, RMT,  Barre Physique Instructor Movati Burlington

Barre Physique is a total body muscular conditioning class that is based on Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. This class is designed for all levels and abilities. We work to tone the muscles by using low weights and high repetitions. Bring your mental toughness to the mat and get ready to feel your body energize and strengthen!

For this class, you will need: light weights (if no weights use: water bottles, soup cans), TheraBand loop (if you want more resistance), a water bottle, countertop to hold on to and a floor mat.

When: Monday March 30th @ 10:00am

30min workout on Zoom


Meeting ID: 767 258 363
Password: 017728

Concussion Baseline Testing

SPECIAL EVENT: Concussion Baseline Testing

We are currently offering athletes of all levels and sports who have not completed their Concussion Baseline Testing a special rate of 70$, when completed during our group sessions on Saturday Dec. 2nd, 2017 from 8am-11am. For more information or to make an appointment, please contact admin@sheddonphysio.com for available times. Please note, we require a minimum of 10 athletes to sign up to run this special event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The season has already started, are we too late for concussion baseline tests?
    • NO! Preseason is the ideal time for testing, but anytime during the year prior to a concussion is better than no baseline.
  • WIll the cost be covered through my insurance?
    • The cost of the baseline is covered under most Extended Health Plans since it is administered by a physiotherapist.
  • My child had a baseline done over a year ago, why should we do it again?
    • As young athletes mature, their baseline scores can change greatly from one year to the next. Therefore, it is recommended that athletes get a baseline at the beginning of each season.
  • My hockey team did the impact test preseason, isn’t that good enough?
    • No! Computerized neuropsychological tests, such as the ImPACT test are only assessing one aspect of concussions, neurocognitive function. In order to properly manage concussions a baseline test must be multidimensional, assessing the full spectrum of concussion outcomes (i.e., balance, reaction time, visual processing, physical capacity AND neurocognitive function). In order to know when an athlete has fully recovered, the different areas of the brain that could potentially be affected with a concussion must be assessed prior to and after a concussion.
  •  It’s not mandatory for my childs team.
    • Concussion baseline tests are becoming widely used in many sports at all levels. Although not mandatory (yet) in all high-risk sports, it is one of the most important and effective tools for concussion management. Without a baseline test there is no way to accurately know when an athlete has fully recovered from a concussion. Research has shown that concussion symptoms improve much sooner than brain recovery, which may put athletes at risk for returning to sport too quickly, especially if sport clearance is based solely on symptoms.
  •  Those dates don’t work for my child or team?
    • If you are part of a team or an individual who would like to participate in Concussion Baseline Testing but you cannot fit these dates into your schedule, please contact us and we will try to arrange for another date and time.

Please click here to learn about Concussion Baseline Testing and why it’s so important.

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running for injury prevention Sheddon Physio Sports Clinic Oakville Mississauga

A Run a Day, Keeps the Grim Reaper Away

Everyone is always looking for the secret to a longer, healthier life. As we all know, exercise is beneficial both psychologically and physically. Running/jogging is one of the most convenient leisure time activities. But how much (or little) do you have to do in order to see benefits? Lee et al., (2014) recently examined the associations between running and all-cause mortality risk in 55 137 adults (age 18-100 years old). The amount of running you have to do in order to see a significantly reduced risk of death will shock you.

The study found that compared to non-runners, runners had a 30-45% lower risk of death, regardless of sex, age, BMI, health conditions, smoking status and alcohol consumption. Runners also lived an average of 3 years longer than non-runners. In addition, adults who consistently ran (for longer than 6 years) had the most significant mortality benefits. Lastly, you don’t have to be an ultra-marathon runner or Speedy Gonzales to reap the benefits of running. Running at lower doses and slower speeds (5-10 min/day at <6 miles/hr) was also associated with markedly reduced risks of death. Is more better? Not necessarily! Research has shown that once you reach >50 min/day of running there is no additional mortality benefits.

Take home message:

  • The most common barrier for adults trying to become physically active is “lack of time.” This study can be a great motivator for those adults looking to become more active and healthy. All you have to do is 5-10 min a day of light easy jogging (that’s equivalent to only 2-3 songs on your iPod…or Stairway to Heaven if you want some stretching time as well).
  • If you are sedentary and want to become more active, don’t get discouraged if you can’t jog consistently for 5 minutes. Start with a walk-jog program like the example below:
    • Walk 1 min., jog 1 min.;
      Progress to walk 1 min., jog 2 min.;
      Walk 1 min., jog 3 min., etc.

Still not sure where to start? You can ask any of the therapists at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic on how to incorporate jogging/physical activity into your lifestyle, based on your injuries and health issues.

Lee et al., (2014). Leisure-time running reduces all-cause and cardiovascular mortality risk. Journal of American College of Cardioology. 64, 5.

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Future Girls Soccer and Sheddon Physio Sports Clinic Oakville Mississauga

Future Girls Soccer

With yesterday being International Women’s Day, what better time to announce Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinics sponsorship of a new soccer academy led by female coaches inspiring young female athletes – Future Girls Soccer. Future Girls Soccer is the first and only ALL GIRLS soccer academy in Ontario. Their all-female coaching staff has decades of coaching and playing experience in the NCAA and at the international level. They have programs for girls aged 4-14 years old across all skill levels, including development house leagues, goalie training, skills development, competitive programs and summer camps. Their mission is to develop all their players into strong young ladies, impressive soccer players and healthy athletes. For more information check out their website here.

Sheddon is excited to be working with Future Girls Soccer and assisting with education, injury prevention, sport specific rehabilitation and performance both on and off the field. Sheddon’s Athletic Therapist Anson Ly recently gave a presentation with the U12 girls. He discussed injury prevention and basic nutrition guidance for young athletes, as well as demonstrating the “PAIRS Program,” a Prevention Program to Assist with Injury Reduction in Sport. If you would like a handout of Anson’s presentation, including a downloadable copy of the PAIRS program, click here.

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