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Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington

Therapy Braccing Supplies Oakville Burlington

Therapy Supplies (Bracing) in Oakville and Burlington

At Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinics in Oakville and Burlington, we offer a wide range of therapy supplies and braces, including both off-the-shelf and custom-made options. Our experienced staff are here to provide personalized consultations, helping you select the perfect device or brace to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Braces:

Pain Relief:

Braces can alleviate pain and discomfort by providing support to injured or weakened areas, reducing strain on muscles and joints.

Enhanced Stability:

They offer improved stability and alignment, reducing the risk of further injury or re-injury.

Improved Functionality:

Braces can enhance mobility and function, allowing individuals to perform daily activities and maintain an active lifestyle.

Non-Surgical Treatment:

In many cases, braces offer a non-invasive alternative to surgery, promoting healing and recovery without the need for more aggressive interventions.

Aids Rehabilitation:

Braces are instrumental in the rehabilitation process, helping individuals regain strength and mobility after an injury or surgery.

Prevention of Injuries:

Sports braces, in particular, can reduce the risk of sports-related injuries by providing additional support to vulnerable areas.

Postural Correction:

Some braces help correct poor posture, reducing the strain on the spine and improving overall body alignment.

Increased Confidence:

Improved stability and support can lead to increased confidence.

Support During Physical Activity:

Sports braces allow athletes to continue participating in their chosen sports with added protection and performance support.

Functional Recovery:

They aid in the recovery of injured or weakened body parts, enabling individuals to regain their full range of motion.

Overall Quality of Life:

By addressing pain and mobility issues, braces contribute to an improved quality of life and well-being.

Which Conditions Can Benefit From a Brace?

Braces are designed to provide structural support, stability, and corrective assistance to the musculoskeletal system.  They can be a good complement to rehabilitation, because it helps to restrict movements that can make your injury worse. They are most common for treating injuries such as:

Choosing the Right Brace

Before selecting a brace, it is crucial to consult with a therapist who can assess your injury and recommend the appropriate brace for your condition. One decision is between custom and off-the-shelf braces, which depends on several factors, including: budget, injury, time sensitivity, and body size. See below for a comparison of the two.

Custom-Made Braces:

Custom-made braces are fabricated based on precise measurements taken. They are made to address specific dysfunctions such as post-surgical. Because they are custom-made, the brace provides advanced support for joint instabilities, and is often preferable for return-to-sports.

    • Pros:
      • Precision Fit: Custom braces are tailored to your unique anatomy, ensuring a precise fit for optimal support and comfort.
      • Condition-Specific: They can be designed to address specific conditions or injuries, maximizing their effectiveness.
    • Cons:
      • Cost: Custom-made braces can be more expensive due to the individualized design and fitting process. However, they are covered by most extended health insurance plans.
      • Lead Time: They may take longer to manufacture and receive, which can be a drawback in cases where immediate support is required.

Off-the-Shelf Braces:

    • Pros:
      • Cost-Effective: Off-the-shelf braces are generally more budget-friendly and readily available.
      • Immediate Use: They can be purchased and used right away, providing quick relief and support.
      • Standard Conditions: Many common injuries and conditions can be effectively managed with off-the-shelf braces.
    • Cons:
      • Limited Customization: These braces may not offer a perfect fit and may not address unique anatomical features or conditions.

Selecting the right brace is a crucial step in your journey to recovery and comfort, and the guidance of a Sheddon therapist can help you in this process.

Beyond Braces: What other Therapy Supplies does Sheddon Offer?

Athletic Tape:

At our store, we proudly stock a variety of athletic tapes from k-tape to leukotape. Our therapists can teach you the proper techniques for taping yourself, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from your athletic tape.

Therabands and Loops:

At our store, we offer a wide selection of Therabands, loops, and resistances to suit various fitness levels and workout goals. Our range includes different resistances and loop options, ensuring that you can tailor your exercises to your unique needs. Your therapist will help suggest which band is right for you.

Foam Rollers:

Foam rollers are fantastic tools for enhancing your overall well-being. They provide a multitude of benefits, including myofascial release, improved flexibility, and enhanced recovery after strenuous workouts.

Compression Shorts:

read all about the benefits of compression shorts in this post.

TENS Machines:

At our store, we offer a range of TENS machines, a remarkable solution for at-home pain relief. TENS, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a non-invasive and drug-free approach to alleviating pain. Our selection of TENS machines allows you to control and customize the level of electrical stimulation to target and manage pain in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, muscle soreness, or acute discomfort, TENS machines are a convenient and effective tool to promote relief and enhance your overall well-being.


If you’re in need of supplies or braces that aren’t available in our store, we can always order it for you from our suppliers. Simply reach out to our team and a therapist can help recommend and order the right device or brace for you.


In most cases, insurance companies will cover the cost of these devices and braces.

Visit us or call us today to ask how Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic can help with your therapy supplies or bracing needs. You can also check out our online store to see what we offer.

We are located only 6 min East of Oakville Place and 4 min from Oakville & Milton Humane Society .

The Burlington physio clinic is located only 6 min north-west of Joseph Brant Hospital and 2 min south-west of Mapleview Shopping Centre, on Plains Rd East.

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