Complete Concussion Management

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville has been an official Complete Concussion Management™ clinic nearly since its inception, and also a proud clinic of the Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI) Partnership Program – a web of clinics offering evidence-based concussion care around the globe.

As concussions have become the focus for both pro and amateur athletes, from initial pre-season baseline testing to concussion treatment and rehabilitation, we continue to be at the front of concussion management, diagnosis, and rehab. As partnered CCMI practitioners, we collaborate with primary care physicians and specialists to co-manage concussions, offering the very best concussion treatments and rehabilitation that is research proven to help patients and athletes safely return to learn, work and play.

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What is a concussion?

A concussion can be defined as a disruption in neurological functioning after a serious impact to the head or body which causes an acceleration or deceleration of the brain within the skull. This leads to biochemical imbalances within the brain cells, resulting in decreased blood flow and temporary energy deficits within the brain. Symptoms include but are not limited to loss of consciousness, headache, pressure in the head, neck pain, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, and/or balance problems.

To further understand what a concussion is, watch this video for an in-depth whiteboard demonstration from Dr. Cameron Marshall (@Concussion_Doc)!

Concussion treatment

In conjunction with CCMI, we offer concussion treatment services & strategies including:

  • The most comprehensive baseline testing anywhere
  • Post-injury diagnosis and injury management
  • Concussion rehabilitation for chronic symptoms (Post-Concussion Syndrome)
  • Coach & trainer education and certification programs

During the early stage following injury, a player should be immediately removed from play and a period of relative symptom limited physical and cognitive rest is recommended. Research suggests 24 to 48 hours, however, these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Studies show that any mental or physical activity in the immediate days after a concussion have a high chance of delaying the recovery process.

Following a short period of rest, the International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport (2016) recommends a gradual increase in mental and physical activity by a licensed healthcare practitioner trained in concussion management.

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