We would like to congratulate Anson Ly on recently passing his Athletic Therapy Board exams. Anson has been working with Sheddon since 2010 as a kinesiologist while he completed his athletic therapy degree at Sheridan College. We are proud to officially add him as Sheddon’s Certified Athletic Therapist. Anson is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), which is the highest level of certification for sport specific testing, strength training and designing conditioning programs to improve athletic performance. Anson’s unique knowledge, skill set and training as an athletic therapist and a CSCS will help Sheddon better serve sports teams, as well as individual athletes. Having an athletic therapist on staff at Sheddon will also assist those individuals who need further treatment and have coverage under their extended health care plan or a sport organization for athletic therapy.

What do Athletic Therapists Do?


Athletic therapists are trained in the assessment, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. They are educated in manual therapy techniques, therapeutic modalities, exercise, as well as bracing and taping. Athletic therapists are also trained to work on field during sporting events to provide emergency care.

Aside from his clinical hours at Sheddon, Anson is also busy working regularly with the Toronto Marlies, at the Athlete Training Center, as well as providing field coverage for hockey organizations, including the MOHA and the GTHL . Anson is also currently involved with the Oakville Soccer Club and the Oakville Aquatics Club, providing concussion education, concussion baseline testing and functional movement screens.