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Sore From Working At Your Desk? Computer and Desk Exercises

Poor posture is a major contributing factor to the development of Repetitive Stress Injuries, as well as spending long periods without a break, sitting on an uncomfortable seat, at a poorly arranged workstation, etc. Doing your daily activities while assuming a bad posture will make your muscles shorten and become denser, which leads to a decrease in circulation to the misused area.

When poor posture is kept over a long period of time (months or years) it interferes with the natural movement of the body. The muscles which are affected in turn affect blood vessels and nerves. Once one has developed RSI, improving posture is a must in order to overcome the disorder.

You can reduce your risk of RSI by warming up and cooling down the muscles used, taking regular breaks throughout the day, having an appropriate workstation and seating position, and practicing relaxation.

Here are a few examples of the stretching you can do at your workstation during the day!

Slumping Over Your Desk? Find Your Weak Link

The gym isn’t the only place you throw your body out of whack. Slumping over a keyboard all day can do a pretty good job of that as well. Detect upper-body imbalances with the wall slide, if you can’t perform it with full range of motion, it’s often a sign of weak back and tight chest muscles.

How To Do It

Stand 6 inches from a wall and lean you head, upper back, and butt against it. Place your hands and arms against the wall in high-five positions (palms away from the wall), your elbows bent 90 degrees and upper arms at shoulder height. Keeping your elbows as far down toward your sides as possible. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Pause and then slide your arms up the wall as high as you can to form a Y.

The Next Step

Didn’t pass the test? No problem. Do 12 reps up to 3 times a day to improve your posture and shoulder function. If your shoulders hurt, and see your Sheddon Physiotherapist before resuming the exercise. Also, in order to bolster your body, add more pulling moves to your workouts (for example, pull-ups or rows).
If you are looking for ways to prevent upper body imbalances, contact your Sheddon Physiotherapist at (905) 849-4576