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Why GOLFERS Need to Lift Weights!! (Updated)


Why GOLFERS Need to Lift Weights!!

Why GOLFERS Need to Lift Weights!! (Updated)

Unlock Your Golf Potential: The Crucial Role of Weight Training

Now that most golf courses are closed for the season in Halton, it’s time to focus on the golf off-season so you can play at your best next year. Pro golfers swear by weight training, a game-changer for improving your score. Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic is geared up to get you ready for next season with personalized strength training plans designed for golfers of all levels, whether you’re a casual weekend player or a seasoned scratch golfer.

Examining the Science of Strength Training for Golf

Research highlights the importance of targeting specific muscle groups to optimize a golfer’s performance. Specifically, strengthening the rotator cuff, scapular stabilizers, core muscles, glutes, and hip extensors have all been shown to generate a more powerful swing and help with injury prevention. By incorporating specific exercises into your training regime, you can enhance your performance on the golf course. 

Release the Power: The Mechanisms of Enhanced Power

One of the most significant benefits of weight training is the direct relationship between greater strength to enhanced force and speed. By strategically strengthening specific muscle groups, the body can produce more powerful swings, translating to longer drives and improved iron shots on the golf course.

Why GOLFERS Need to Lift Weights!!

A Heavy Shield: Reducing Injuries Particular to Golf

Weight training not only improves performance but also provides a strong defense against golf-related injuries. Weight training has been shown to reduce golf-specific injuries by 30 to 50%.

Accuracy and Reliability: The Benefits of Weight Training

Beyond just building strength, weight training helps you become more accurate and consistent in your golf swing. Improving your muscular control and coordination will improve your swing mechanics, leading to more precise and controlled shots on the course.

Getting the Hang of the Greens: Increasing Putting Distance Control

It may surprise you that weight training impacts even the most minor details of your game, such as putting distance control. Weight training improves muscle control and coordination, which helps you have more control over your putting strokes.

Strength training is a progressive process that usually takes eight weeks of focused, regular training before noticeable results are seen. Make the most of your winter by hitting the gym now and preparing for an even better year on the course. 

Sheddon Physiotherapy in Oakville and Burlington can assist if you need help figuring out where to start. Our physiotherapist Erin Shapcott is well-equipped to help you, having completed rehabilitation courses specifically designed for golfers. You can obtain insightful information about your present fitness levels, pinpoint specific areas that require work, and receive a customized exercise plan to improve your golf game. Don’t delay—take proactive measures with the help of our knowledgeable staff at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic to maximize your strength and prepare you for the upcoming golf season.

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