Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic sponsors Future Girls Soccer

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Future Girls Soccer and Sheddon Physio Sports Clinic Oakville Mississauga
Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic (SPSC) is a new-age physio in Oakville. Although we are a multi-disciplinary healthcare clinic, we believe in giving back to your community.

Enthusiastic about promoting girls’ soccer in Oakville, we are a proud sponsor of the Future Girls Soccer Academy. They are based in Oakville but participate in the established soccer pool in Mississauga.

Research shows that by age fourteen girls drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys. One of the main reasons is that girls have less access to sports. Another reason is a lack of positive role models. The Future Girls Soccer Academy addresses both problems.

Future Girls Soccer build positive role models

With yesterday being International Women’s Day, what better time to announce Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinics sponsorship of the new soccer academy led by female coaches inspiring young female athletes – Future Girls Soccer. 

Future Girls Soccer is the first and only ALL GIRLS soccer academy in Ontario. Their all-female coaching staff has decades of coaching and playing experience in the U.S.-based National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and at the international level. 

They have programs for girls aged 4-14 years old across all skill levels, including development house leagues, goalie training, skills development, competitive programs and summer camps. Their mission is to develop all their players into strong young ladies, impressive soccer players and healthy athletes. For more information check out their website here.

Sheddon is excited to be working with Future Girls Soccer and assisting with education, injury prevention, sport specific rehabilitation and performance both on and off the field. 

In the past, Sheddon’s Athletic Therapist Anson Ly recently gave a presentation to the U12 girls. He discussed injury prevention and basic nutrition guidance for young athletes, as well as demonstrating the “PAIRS Program” a Prevention Program to Assist with Injury Reduction in Sport. If you would like a handout of Anson’s presentation, including a downloadable copy of the PAIRS program, click here.

More about the PAIRS Program

Sports injuries can be reduced if proper muscle patterning/memory is taught. The Prevention program to Assist with Injury Reduction in Sport (PAIRS) is a ten-minute, structured injury-prevention program. It can be used by male and female athletes of all ages participating in field and court sports. 

The basics of PAIRS is demonstrated by having future girls pair up facing each other. They would then mirror each other while going through a set of movements. No equipment is required.

Healthcare services focused on Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is not the only focus of Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic. As a new-age physio in Oakville, we also have a motor vehicle accident (MVA) recovery program, neck and back pain program and offer hydrotherapy, to name but a few services.

Our sports medicine services include the following:

  • Sports injury rehabilitation

The rehabilitation is tailored to the activity you want to return to, and we work with coaches and trainers to speed up the recovery.  

  • Sports medicine physician

Specialist physicians manage a range of injuries and medical conditions affecting all athletic levels.

  • Sports chiropractic

The focus is on treatments for musculoskeletal injuries, which includes the spine, joints and muscles of the body. 

  • Complete concussion management

Concussion is a focus of amateur and professional athletes. We are a member of the Complete Concussion Management Inc ™ (CCMI) Partnership Program.

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic is a multi-disciplinary healthcare team. We are committed to serving the communities of Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga. Do you need the healthcare services of a new-age physio in Oakville? Contact us today

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