Do you play in a recreational or competitive soccer and/or hockey league? Did you know that the leagues provide insurance coverage for therapy if you get injured? As a player for the Oakville Soccer Club (OSC),  Minor Oaks Hockey Association (MOHA), Oakville Recreational Hockey League (ORHL) and Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL), you have coverage for physiotherapy, chiropractic and athletic therapy (all which are available at Sheddon), provided that you are injured while playing in a sanctioned game or practice. This is for ALL players, from the youngest to the oldest.  Regardless of whether you play in House League, Rep or recreational, you are covered. This insurance helps players who may not have extended health care benefits for therapy, or for those who have exhausted their coverage limits. Please be advised that you must fill out and submit an injury report to be eligible.

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Hockey Insurance coverage MOHA/ASHL: