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Injury Prevention and Health Promotion FIFA11+ Program

What is the FIFA 11+?

FIFA11+ is a warm up exercise program for youth soccer clubs across Ontario. The FIFA11+ injury prevention program has shown that participating  at least 1.5x per week results in a 29%-43% reduction in knee and ankle injury rates over the course of one season. Click here to read more.

Plank with Leg

The program itself highlights a combination of static, dynamic, and reactive neuromuscular control, coordination, balance, agility, and jumping technique. The program suggests that the warm up should take about 20 minutes total (with a shorter version for pre-game warm-ups) and includes 3 levels of difficulty from Beginner, Intermediate, to Advanced players.


The “11+”, as it is also known as, has 3 parts with a total of 15 exercises. They are outlined so that they are performed in the specified sequence, paying attention to posture, alignment, and body control.

Jumping Vertical Jumps

Currently, the program is in the process of being implemented across Ontario with the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help subsidize ongoing support to the clubs. To view the complete copy of the FIFA11+ Manual. If you would like to learn a more about the FIFA 11+ program or other types of injury prevention programs or exercises, contact us at