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Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington

Helping You Run More Efficiently and Injury Free


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Helping You Run More Efficiently and Injury Free

Gait analysis involves having a certified pedorthist check for irregularities in your stride and muscle imbalances in your body by watching you walk. An examination of the shoes you usually wear shows if you’re in the right kind of footwear.

And a brief run on the treadmill with and without shoes lets you know if it might be a good idea for you to consider adapting your cadence and footstrike to run efficiently and injury free.

At some pedorthic clinics, patients are videotaped running on the treadmill as a helpful gait analysis tool.

“The side camera view of patients running on the treadmill is really valuable,” says Neil Rosenthal, certified pedorthist. It’s an opportunity for people to see themselves running. If someone doesn’t belive us that they are landing on their heel, they are easily convinced when they see the video.” Rosenthal explains that this visual evidence encourages patients to chanage their shoe or their technique or to be open to adding flexibility and strength training to their workout to correct muscle imbalances.

“The video fine-tunes their footwear choices,” says Dana Hall, certified pedorthist.”running mechanics are different from walking mechanics.” Hall notices that clients see if they are striking with their heel and driving that heel into the ground, causing a lot of impact.

“Improving running technique through gait analysis is not just for elites,” says Hall. “It applies to any distance, any age and any level.”

If you would like to know how efficient your gait is or curious as to what is the best footwear for you, contact your Sheddon Physiotherapist at 905-849-4576.

We are located only 6 min East of Oakville Place and 4 min from Oakville & Milton Humane Society.

The Burlington physio clinic is located only 5 min west of Spencer Smith Park and 6 min north-west of Burlington Beach, on Plains Rd East.

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