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Over the past 15+ years, the owner of Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic (SPSC), Dana Clark, has worked hard to build a clinic that offers the very best of care in Halton. Doctors trust sending their patients to SPSC; family and friends refer people they know; athletes/coaches put their teams’ health in the hands of the therapists at SPSC because they all know that it’s a clinic that will strive to get people better. Furthermore, we seek to build relationships with everybody who walks through our doors, where you are treated not only as a patient or a client, but also as a member of our family. 

At Sheddon Physio we treat each person as a patient when trying to understand an injury.  We will talk to you about your injury and plan for your care as a client.  Some medical professionals only tell you what to do, but we will work with you to understand the importance of your care plan, your goals and what we can do to help. We work together with you on solutions based on your specific goals.   But most of all, we consider our clinic and our staff a home and family of which you are a part.  We appreciate working with you, and offer solutions for your pain management and performance improvement due to injury.   We love connecting with you on the street when we meet.  We love hearing about how things are going (even when injury is not the topic).


You can buy gift cards for our services for YOUR FAMILY and loved ones.   What better way to show that you care than with a gift card for Massage Therapy?  How do you get a loved one who is in pain to finally see a therapist?  Buy them a gift card and voila! They will be forever grateful.