So autumn time means doing your running with all the golden foliage but before you carb load or fill your bottle up with Gatorade, read this interesting article. A very interesting study that’s abstract was just released from the European Journal of Applied Physiology suggesting that carbohydrate restriction can improve the training-induced adaptation of muscle oxidative capacity.

The study compared the effects of exercise with low and normal glycogen on different molecular factors involved in the regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis. With 10 highly trained cyclists, the experiment involved a 60min exercise at low or normal glycogen levels achieved by prior exercise/diet intervention.

Their findings concluded that low glycogen levels amplify the expression of major genetic marker for mitochondrial biogenesis in highly trained cyclists. This suggests that with low glycogen exercise, muscle oxidative capacity could be improved. So anyone up for fastening?

Psilander, N., Frank, P., Flockhart, M., & Sahlin, K. (2012). Exercise with low glycogen increases PGC-1α gene expression in human skeletal muscle. European Journal of Applied Physiology, , 1-13. Retrieved from