People who say they can think better after taking a nap may now have evidence to back up their claim.

A recent news release by the Georgetown University Medical Center, suggests that while at rest, the brain is actually working hard. In fact, the right hemisphere of the brain communicates more to itself and to the left hemisphere than, than left hemisphere is to itself and the right hemisphere.

When the brain rests, the right hemispheres undertakes processing and storing previously acquired information.

Andrei Medvedev, an assistant professor in the Center for Functional and Molecular Imaging at GUMC, says that “the brain could be doing some helpful housecleaning, classifying data, consolidating memories…that could explain the power of napping”.

The article suggests brain researchers should pay more attention to the right hemisphere since most brain theories emphasize the dominance of the left hemisphere (the left hemispheres particularly belonging to those who are right handed). Medvedev noted “that looking at only the left hemisphere [while asleep] prevents us from a truer understanding of brain function.”

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“Might Lefties and Righties Benefit Differently from a Power Nap? At “Rest”, Right Hemisphere of The Brain “Talks” More Than The Left Hemisphere”