What is the Life of a Chiropractor Really Like?

by | Dec 3, 2021 | News Articles

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic is excited to announce the newest addition to our team: Chiropractor Keirstyn Moran. Keirstyn is passionate about her career and wanted to share some common questions she gets asked and let everyone know what chiropractic is and who can benefit from it.

How did you get into your profession?

I first realized I wanted to become a Chiropractor at the age of 14 when I sustained injuries through competitive dance. When attending University of Ottawa I ran track and cross country and sustained more injuries. After having gone to a chiropractor for multiple injuries, I was instantly inspired by the knowledge and how much they were able to educate me on my health and wellness. I myself continue to work with a full heath care team to help prevent injuries as I am now training competitively for triathlons.



What to Expect When Visiting a Chiropractor?

Initial Visit:

When visiting a chiropractor for the first time it will start with a thorough health history followed by a physical assessment. Once they have a good understanding of what is going on they will move into informed consent and explaining a plan of management which will outline the treatment methods, timeline and what to expect moving forward.

Follow Up Visits:

During these the chiropractor will do a mini re-assessment to see how you are feeling. From there they will move into treatment. A lot of the treatment consists of manual therapy. Manual therapy means it is hands on treatment. Some example of the treatment methods we use are as follows:

1) Soft tissue techniques (to help with muscle tension)

2) Mobilizations (gently getting those joints moving better)

3) Adjustments (to realign the the joints)

4) Exercises/Stretches (that help prevent injury from recurring or to help optimize performance)

5) Education (this is a key component as it allows the patient to be more autonomous in their health care and allow prevention of further injury)

6) Modalities (machines that can help speed up healing and decrease inflammation)

There are many more treatment techniques we can use but these are just a few of the main ones.


What kind of Injuries do you typically see in your  practice?

There is a myth that chiropractors only treat the spine. And although this used to be the case, the education has changed and allowed for us to not only focus on the spine but all other joints of the body and soft tissue. Indirectly, through working on the soft tissue structures and joints we can help calm the nervous system.

Some areas we see often but are not limited are as follows:

– Neck

– Mid back

– Low back


– Shoulders

– Elbows

– Wrists

– Hips

– Knees

– Ankles

– Concussions

– Headaches

Who Needs to see a Chiropractor?

Anyone that would like to recover from an injury, prevent an injury, as well as learn more about posture, and regular exercises. Get in touch now to book your consultation with Keirstyn.

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