What you need to know about chiropractic care

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Chiropractic care comprises treatments that are focused on the diagnosis and treatment of afflictions of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems – with some of the more common direct and indirect manifestations including low back pain, neck pain, headaches but also of all other musculoskeletal injuries of the ankles, knees, shoulders and elbows..

Chiropractic is an established health care profession, with chiropractors undergoing a minimum of six to seven years of training (post-secondary education), and subject to passing standardized regulatory exams to secure a license to practice. The chiropractic profession works collaboratively with healthcare professionals across a wide spectrum of health professions.

At Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic, we specialize in combining treatments across a range of disciplines, so you have access to all of these healthcare professionals in one clinic – including chiropractors.

Before booking your chiropractic care appointment have a read through what to expect from chiropractic treatment, and some important considerations to keep in mind.

What to expect from chiropractic care

At your first visit to the chiropractic practice, the chiropractor will evaluate your medical history, combined with a physical examination focused primarily on the spine. Your chiropractor will make a diagnosis based on their assessments and will suggest treatment options to suit your condition. In most cases chiropractic care will suffice as the primary treatment, however, they may enlist complementary treatments through other health care providers depending on the diagnosis.

Chiropractic Care Used For Back Pain

Chiropractic adjustment is one of the primary treatment options that is used to treat back pain and conditions related to the spine. Chiropractic treatment is also known as spinal manipulation and is performed mostly by physical contact by the chiropractor who realigns and adjusts the spine by applying a variety of different techniques, including using sudden force, massage techniques, physical moving and adjusting of the joints, as well as exercise.

Chiropractic treatment options have been proven to be effective in pain relief for a number of conditions related to back pain, including acute and chronic back pain (especially in low back pain), and in the case of lumbar herniated discs resulting in pinched nerves.

Chiropractic Care Used For Neck Pain

Chiropractic neck adjustments – also known as cervical manipulation – work through the same mechanisms and techniques used in spinal manipulation. Through relieving pressure on the cervical joints this treatment can provide effective pain relief from conditions such as muscle spasms, pinched nerves, cervical sprain injuries, whiplash, and degenerative joint syndrome (neck) amongst others.

Whilst chiropractic care will be an effective and safe therapy for most people, there are conditions under which chiropractic adjustment is not safe for the individual, namely if you have:

  • Severe arthritis
  • Severe osteoporosis
  • Infections in the bone or joints
  • Cancer in the spine
  • High risk of stroke
  • Bone tumors or fractures
  • Severe pinched nerve(s)
  • A bone deformity in your upper neck
  • Any numbness, tingling, or loss of function in your arms or legs

Chiropractic care and the associated manipulative therapies mentioned here are generally entirely safe when conducted by certified health care providers, such as the licensed professionals at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic.
Speak to us today about booking an appointment – even if you have a condition that precludes you from chiropractic care, we would be happy to refer you to one of our other treatment options.

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