In these changing times, we are often forced to do things that we are not as familiar with.

Telehealth has been available in the community for years, being used successfully in remote areas for patient care. This has become an invaluable service for people unable to access traditional care.

With social distancing and to prevent Covid-19 spread, we are using this great tool to help our clients.

What can be done with it?
•• assess your problem through movement and discussion 👂
•• exercise prescription 💪🏼

•• educate on the issue👨‍🎓
•• problem solve barriers at home for exercise and work
•••ideas for pain management

Insurance companies are paying for this service as they see the importance on your health.

Simply put, Telehealth is an excellent way for you and your therapist to continue treatment to avoid falling behind in your care.

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WE ARE OPEN (virtually)!!