Our Commitment!!

Sheddon is proud to be a successful clinic with many great therapists with strength of skill and character.  We feel that every child deserves a chance to build that character and develop into successful adults.  Camps are a great way to do this.

This year, like the last two, Sheddon will be sponsoring 4 children for a week at an overnight camp.  The camps focus on leadership, camaraderie and, more importantly, self-confidence.  We also understand that, for some, a camp in the city is all that can be done.  We will also be sponsoring 2 children for a week at Muskoka Woods City Camp.  This camp has a very similar focus, with the

convenience of being close to home.

We encourage our clients with the means to consider this as another way to give back to a community and to a generation that will eventually help us in the future.

Check out their page here:

Muskoka Woods – CITYCAMP