Sears National Kids Cancer Ride–James Sreblowski

by | Sep 28, 2015 | News Articles

Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

I will be taking part in Coast to Coast Against Cancers Foundation’s very own Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. Every year cancer is responsible for taking more kids from us than any other disease. Not only are 100 percent of proceeds donated but nearly 5 million dollars are raised every year due to the integrity of this foundation.

The Journey will take place in Vancouver on September 10th where two small teams of cyclists will depart. In sixteen days these riders will reach Halifax on September 26th. My role in this amazing cause will be to provide massage therapy for some very tired bodies.


My commitment to this cause is for two reasons: personal goals and professional goals. On a personal level my aim is provide as much support as possible to those in need. Professionally, my intentions are to expand my experience of how Massage Therapy can aid working muscles. Furthermore, how Massage Therapy can prevent muscle soreness/breakdown and facilitate recovery in cyclists and endurance athletes alike, who are performing at the highest level. Ultimately, my experiences will provide me additional skills needed to take your standard treatment to the next level.


During my absence please do not hesitate to seek treatment from our other Registered Massage Therapists on the team. My personal schedule will be closed off from September 7th to September 27th and will re-open on the 28th of September.

In health,

James Sreblowski

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