Practice Swelling, Protection, Restriction

Ok, we don’t wish this on anybody, but the reality is that most active people will injure themselves at one time or another.

While it’s essential to see your therapist for severe pain or injury, the first line of at-home defense is to reduce swelling. This can save you weeks of unnecessary treatment.

Ice is an anti-inflammatory and should be applied as soon as possible for about 15 minutes, and then again every couple of hours for the first 48 hours. In an emergency, a bag of frozen peas makes a good ice pack because it can be shaped to cover the affected area. Heat must be avoided, as it expands blood vessels and causes swelling.

If the injury is severe and you have trouble walking, immobilize the affected area with a tensor and take pressure of using a cane or a crutch. For a wrist or arm injury, make sure to put it in a sling to relax the area and allow it to heal.

Finally, restrict activity to prevent further injury until your therapist advises otherwise.

Again, we hope that you never have to see out treatment for injury. If you do, we will be there to assist your progression toward not only recovery, but achieving a higher level of strength.