We love to treat our patients and see them get on the road to recovery.  For those of you that have been here, you know that there is good-natured fun to be had amidst the pain of recovery. BUT…we are often so focused on your care that we forget to ask you to spread your success story with others.

Many people are looking daily for a physiotherapist for ongoing issues.  Sometimes they come across a great one, but sometimes they feel discouraged by the level of care they have been given.  Some people also keep putting their injuries on the back burner until they become overwhelming.

THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN! By mentioning your therapist to your friends in need, you help them find the right person sooner and get them on the road to recovery. They will thank you. This is the type of referral that means the world to us.  When you are happy with your care, and take the time to tell someone, it validates our work and leaves us feeling good.

We hope that you will take the time to grab a few extra cards, forward our newsletter or just casually mention us to any friends in need of our care.

Thank you! We truly appreciate it!