In mid-September our Sport Massage Therapist, Amaya Iribarren, will be traveling to Thailand for an international para-badminton event and will be helping as a flight volunteer on her return for 5 dogs from Soi Dog to be adopted here! She will also be taking supply donations to the rescue facility. Please help us fill her Team Canada suitcase with doggy swag
Soi Dog Foundation was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand, to help the street dogs & cats.  They grew into rescuing & caring for all dogs & cats in need of life saving due to abuse & cruelty, and saving dogs from the dog meat trade.
Items Needed:
  • Kong toys
  • Laptop computers (that are in working condition)
  • Blankets
  • Squeaky toys for puppies
  • Cat toys
  • Slip leads (leashes that don’t need collars; No collars please)
  • Bio-degradable poo bags (especially ones in a holder)
  • Doggy diapers (Teamoy brand, 20″-24″ waist, available on Amazon)
  • Manuka honey for wound care
  • Joint supplements such as Glucosamine, Salmon or other fish oil supplements
  • Grooming scissors, Grooming brushes (plastic only; no wood please)
  • Dog/cat Nail clippers
  • Canine-specific sunblock (sunscreen for dogs or sunscreen that is safe for babies’ skin)
  • Medicated Items:  Metacam oral, Killtix collars, Revolution/Advantage/Bravecto/ Nexgard/Spectra

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