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Running Injury Free

As an avid runner, I’m quite familiar with the fellow runners in my community. Since the pitches, arenas and gyms have all been closed, I’ve noticed a huge surge in the amount of people who have taken up jogging as a new form of exercise. While jogging/running is a great workout, you need to be mindful of several risk factors that could lead to injury. Whether you’re a seasoned runner, or just a beginner, here are some tips to keep you running pain free.

Tip #1: Don’t let your old, lingering injuries wreak havoc on your running form and potentially cause new injuries. For example, that nagging knee pain that you ignore may be part of a bigger problem, like weakness in your glutes, which likely will change your biomechanics and put more stress on the knee, ITB or achilles, along with annoying knee pain you will likely develop  hip and calf pain. All the therapists at Sheddon can be reached by email and will gladly set up a Telehealth appointment to discuss strategies and exercises to help you overcome old injuries. Don’t wait until it’s too late, or until we re-open the clinic. Fix your injuries now!

Tip #2: Newbie runners are more susceptible to injury and should focus on slowly progressing their distance in order to avoid injury. Increasing one’s distance too quickly is one of the most common risk factors for injury in runners. The golden rule is that you should increase your distance by no more than 10% each week. As a beginner, you should just focus on running consistently 2-3 days/week, and don’t worry too much about increasing your distance at first.

Tip #3: CROSS-TRAIN!!! Running is great, but you need to add strength training to prevent muscle imbalances from the repetitive nature of running.

Tip #4: What you put on your feet matters. Not every running shoe is the same, and not every runner has the same foot. Runners will have a different preference in what shoes work best for them. Unfortunately, with stores closed, you can’t exactly walk into the Running Room and ask to try on every shoe  in order to see which one feel the best. In the meantime, you can make do with what you have, if your current shoes aren’t causing you any issues. Otherwise, if you have a shoe that’s worked for you in the past, you can order them online. Not sure where to start? You can ask our Pedorthist, Sarah.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many professionals who deal with every running issue that you could possibly imagine. The therapists at Sheddon can help you with injury prevention, exercise prescription, running shoe selection, and gait analysis. The group at the Running Room can help you with training programs and gear. Surround yourself with the right people.

If you are in need of our services and are curious if virtual care is an option for you, please click on the link below to schedule a Free 10-minute Telehealth Discovery session with one of us.

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Keeping you in the Loop

Keeping you in the loop:
We haven’t stopped thinking about you!

As everyone has been, we are trying to navigate these crazy times to the best of our abilities. We are all experiencing challenges and hope that you are healthy, safe and with family at this time.

Our team is choosing to take this time to find a way to help you maintain contact with us and let us know how you are doing and if you have any questions about your care. While Telehealth is new to many, it will allow us to connect with you and be able to assess things that were previously too difficult (like how to tailor a workout in your home).

Our therapists have been set up and using Telehealth since the start of Covid-19 in Halton. We are ready to serve our clients.

Government mandates have directed closure of businesses until April 7th. We have chosen to put safety first and remain closed until the 13th. This date is fluid, as you know, and we will only reopen our doors if we feel it is safe to resume in person treatments.

If you have an appointment scheduled for next week. You are being contacted by us to reschedule your in-person appointment to April 13th or later. During this conversation, we can discuss if your treatment  would be appropriate for virtual care, and if so, we will review how to proceed.

If you are in need of our services and are curious if virtual care is an option for you, please click on the link below to schedule a Free 10-minute Telehealth Discovery session with one of us.

We are STILL answering our phones and will return your call if we don’t immediately connect. We are OPEN to serve you on Telehealth and are looking forward to seeing you when we reopen our doors.

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In Case of Emergency

If you are in need of urgent care, please try to contact us via phone or email and we will work with you to help guide you on your next steps. We would like to keep the Urgent Care Clinics free to treat non-orthopaedic injuries. If we suspect that further investigation is necessary, we will direct you to go to the nearest Urgent Care Clinic. If this is life threatening, you should call 9-1-1.