Speed Secret: Warm Up with Ice


According to a British study, it is shown that icing your thighs just before a race can improve your finishing time. In hot, humid conditions, experienced runners put frozen gel packs on their quads and hamstrings during their 30 minute warm up and averaged 85 seconds faster in a 5km than when they did not “pre-cool” their muscles.  

Study author Carla Randall explains, “precooling blunted the negative effect of heat strain, so the runners were able to exercise more intensely, especially over the final kilometer.”

Test it out: Strap on (pre-tape and tape) to the ice packs, or wear compression shorts that have pockets for reusable ice inserts.

Randall, Carla A., Emma Z. Ross, and Neil S. Maxwell. “Effect of practical precooling on neuromuscular function and 5 km time-trial performance in hot, humid conditions amongst male, well-trained runners.” The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research (2015).