“My experience visiting Sheddon Physio was a very enjoyable experience. They were very hands on, which is well appreciated. I had great improvement with my rotator cuff problem, with very little residual pain, and got full range of motion back. Definitely would recommend this clinic.”

“Sheddon is a very positive and professional environment. Through the sessions here with my therapist, I was able to finally walk without limping. I found massage, IFC and the special exercises extremely helpful. Yes, I would recommend Sheddon Physio to family and friends.”

“I’ve been suffering from lots of pain, and I was finally able to find some relief. The therapists here helped loosen up and relieve pain in my Achilles. My parents thought it would be a good idea to come to Sheddon and I’ve been getting a lot better.”

“My experience with Sheddon Physio has been very good, they are always thorough. I liked how my condition was thoroughly explained to me, and the type of treatment being used, and how it was going to help me. My therapist taught me that it’s not just about the injury that needs to heal, but it’s so important to strengthen the injured area for long term care.”

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