Research suggests static stretching (stretching your muscles while at rest) can negatively influence strength and power of muscle, and thus decreasing functional performance. Instead, dynamic warm-ups (stretches that propel the muscle into an extended range of motion) have taken its place as a safer alternative, but ever wonder why?

A recent study out of Department of Exercise and Sport Science, University of North Carolina suggests that dynamic stretching can significantly improve muscle flexibility and is far superior to just static stretching.

The study took 45 individuals and put them through 5-min stationary bike, and then a 10 minute stretching protocol where a third of the group would perform only static stretching, a third would perform dynamic stretching, and a control group that just rested for 10 minutes.

By measuring the flexibility of the individual in degrees; the concentric and eccentric peak torque; and force plate power before and after the protocol, the results showed significant increases in flexibility with significant peak torque with ONLY dynamic stretch—where the static group and the control group showed no positive or negative difference. Therefore, dynamic stretching should be considered in your pre-workout choice.

Talk to your Sheddon Physiotherapist and see what kinds of dynamic stretching you should be doing! Here are a few examples of dynamic stretching, however, please consult a professional before attempting any unfamiliar exercises. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask at (905) 849-4576