Grip Strength Could Determine Early Death

Here! Another reason to get your sweat on! A recent study by the Lancet (published May 13, 2015) reported that there is an association with grip strength and cardiovascular mortality.

Muscular strength, as measured by grip strength, was assessed in the study as an independent prognostic importance (signs or symptoms of a future cardiovascular disease) across a wide-range of diverse countries.

The study was conducted in 17 countries, with a total of 142,861 participants between the ages 35-70 years old, with a follow up of 4 years. The scientists were looking at particularly cardiovascular disease, non-cardiovascular disease, myocardiol infarction, stroke, diabetes, cancer, pneumonia, chronic obstructive disease (COPD), any respiratory disease, injury due to fall, and fracture.

Their findings showed that grip strength is inversely proportionate to all-cause mortality, meaning the stronger the grip strength, disease is less likely; weaker grip strength, more likely of disease. The study concluded that a grip strength measurement is a simple and inexpensive risk-stratifying method however further research is needed to identify determinants of muscular strength and to test whether improvement in strength reduces mortality and cardiovascular disease.

In summary, exercise is still the best medicine and working out keeps you out of hospitals.

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Source: Prognostic value of grip strength: findings from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study. Leong, Darryl P et al. The Lancet. (