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Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington

Your golf health, performance, injury management and rehabilitation can be educated at the Sheddon Physio Sports Clinics in Oakville Burlington

Golf Specific Rehabilitation in Oakville and Burlington

Would you like to improve your golf performance?

Are you constantly getting injured during the golf season?

Would you like to prevent golf injuries?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do an assessment to evaluate and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses related to your golf game? Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf has done just that. TPI is a world-renowned organization that specializes in the analysis and enhancement of golf performance. TPI-certified professionals, undergo specialized training that focuses on the biomechanics of the golf swing, physical fitness, and injury prevention specific to golfers. The TPI Golf Assessment is a complete physical evaluation designed specifically for golfers. Sheddon’s Clinics therapists in Oakville and Burlington are excited to announce that we offer TPI golf assessments at our clinic with our physiotherapist Erin Shapcott, who has completed several courses in golf rehabilitation and injury prevention, including TPI level 1 and currently completing TPI level 2.

Here’s an overview of what our Golf Program may include:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: The first step of the program is a thorough assessment. The assessment consists of a series of 12 tests and screens that evaluate your mobility, stability and strength as they relate to your golf swing. The goal is to identify any physical limitations or imbalances that could be negatively impacting your swing or putting you at risk for injury.
  2. Individualized Treatment Plan: Based on the assessment findings, we will develop an individualized treatment plan to address any identified limitations or imbalances. The plan may include a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, flexibility training, and core stability exercises to improve your overall physical conditioning and golf performance.
  3. Golf-Specific Training: The program will incorporate golf-specific exercises and drills to enhance your swing mechanics, power, and efficiency. These exercises will focus on improving your rotational flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination. Read our older blogs here about golf strength and golf mobility.
  4. Injury Rehabilitation: If you are recovering from a golf-related injury, the rehabilitation program will target your specific injury to aid in your recovery. We will develop a structured rehabilitation plan that addresses the underlying causes of the injury, promotes healing, and helps you return to the game safely.
  5. Injury Prevention: Prevention is key to maintaining a healthy golf game. We will educate you on proper warm-up routines, stretching exercises, and injury prevention strategies specific to golf. By identifying and addressing any physical limitations or imbalances that may lead to injury, you can reduce the risk of future problems.

Benefits of the Program:

  1. Enhanced Performance: By improving your physical conditioning, flexibility, and swing mechanics, you can optimize your performance on the golf course and potentially improve your handicap.
  2. Injury Prevention: Addressing physical limitations and imbalances helps reduce the risk of golf-related injuries, such as back pain, golfer’s elbow, or shoulder strains. Read our old post here about golfers and low back pain.
  3. Efficient Rehabilitation: If you’re recovering from an injury, the program will provide structured rehabilitation, facilitating a safe and expedited return to the game.
  4. Tailored Approach: The program is personalized to your unique needs, ensuring that the exercises and treatments address your specific limitations and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring to the assessment?

Comfortable clothing, running shoes, and a 6 iron.

How long does the assessment take?

Assessments are 1 hour.

Can I get a copy of my results?

You will get a detailed report with all your results, and how they relate to the golf swing.

Will someone at the clinic show me how to do the exercises I am given?

Yes, we will go through all the exercises while you are at the clinic and make adjustments as needed.

I have a golf-related injury, can the program help with my rehabilitation?

structured rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific needs and facilitate a safe return to golf.

Is this suitable for a beginner golfer?

Yes, the program is suitable for golfers of all skill levels, including beginners. The program is designed to address the specific physical demands of the golf swing and help individuals improve their overall performance and prevent injuries. For beginners, participating in a golf rehabilitation program can be especially beneficial. It provides a solid foundation by addressing any physical limitations or imbalances from the start, which can help prevent the development of poor swing mechanics or compensatory movements. By focusing on improving flexibility, strength, and movement patterns right from the beginning, beginners can establish sound fundamentals and reduce the risk of future injuries.

If you are interested in taking your golf game to the next level, contact Erin at erin@sheddonphysio.com.

We are located only 6 min East of Oakville Place and 4 min from Oakville & Milton Humane Society .

The Burlington physio clinic is located only 8 min north-east of LaSalle Park and 10 min north of Burlington Golf & Country Club, on Plains Rd East.

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