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Enhancing Performance & Injury Prevention in Oakville and Burlington: Compression Shorts for Athletes



Enhancing Performance & Injury Prevention in Oakville and Burlington: Compression Shorts for Athletes

Core compression shorts have become an essential gear for athletes looking to optimize their performance and prevent injuries during training and competition. These specialized shorts offer targeted muscle support, improved blood circulation, and reduced muscle fatigue, resulting in enhanced endurance, quicker recovery, and minimized risk of injuries. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, core compression shorts have emerged as a game-changer for improved performance and injury prevention. In this post we will discuss a specific brand of great compression shorts that we use at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinics in Oakville and Burlington: CORESHORTS™.

athlete wearing core shorts


CORESHORTS™are specialized compression shorts designed to provide targeted support, stability and compression to key muscle groups in the lower body. Unlike regular compression shorts, the purpose and design of CORESHORTS™ is what differentiates them. They are designed to mimic the functional anatomy of the core area (the body’s anterior and posterior diagonal sling systems) while also providing compression. The CORESHORTS™ design utilizes a series of strategically angled elastics to produce the first anatomically correct compression short. CORESHORTS™ come in two different options: CORE 1.0 and CORE 3.0. What is the difference?

  • CORE 1.0 – a four way “X” stretch elastic that creates tension for optimal stability and motion control and provides low back – pelvic – hip support for all your daily needs.
  • CORE 3.0 – a two way “X” stretch elastic that creates specific tension for maximal stability and motion control that produces a tighter fit with greater activation. Core 3.0 has a medical compression rating (20 – 30 mmHg) and is recommended to assist in the support of the core injury during the acute phase and the transition phase back to action.

Read more about CORESHORTS™ here.


core shorts advantages

What Are the Benefits of CORESHORTS™?

  1.  Enhanced Muscle Support: CORESHORTS™ apply gentle pressure to the muscles, offering support and stability during high-impact activities. This helps reduce muscle fatigue and the risk of overuse injuries.
  2. Improved Blood Circulation: The compression aids in promoting blood flow to the muscle, which helps reduce muscle soreness and speeds up recovery after intense workouts.
  3. Increased Proprioception: CORESHORTS™ provide an increased sense of body position and movement, enhancing proprioception. This awareness can lead to improved balance, coordination, and overall performance.
  4. Muscle Warmth: These shorts can help retain heat in the muscles, which is especially beneficial in cold weather or during warm-up routines. Warm muscles are less prone to injuries and perform better.
  5. Injury Prevention: By stabilizing muscles and joints, these shorts can help in preventing injuries, such as strains and sprains.
  6. Increased Endurance: The reduced muscle fatigue and improved blood flow offered by compression shorts can lead to increased endurance.

Which Injuries can benefit from CORESHORTS™?

  • Groin injuries;
  • Pelvic sprains; 
  • Hamstring strains; 
  • Quadriceps and hip flexor strains; 
  • Lower abdominal sprains;
  • Sports hernias; 
  • Improved function after Total Hip Replacement;
  • Post-partum.
athletes running wearing core shorts

It’s essential to note that while CORESHORTS™ offer numerous benefits, individual experiences may vary. The effectiveness of these shorts depends on factors like the athlete’s body type, the intensity of the activity, and the extent of the injury. Nevertheless, many athletes find CORESHORTS™ to be an invaluable addition to their performance gear, enhancing both their physical performance and overall comfort during training and competition in a variety of sports.

What do the Sheddon Staff Use CORESHORTS™ for?

  • Erin: Injury prevention and recovery from hamstring strains during running and strength training.
  • Dana: Injury prevention during soccer, due to the nature of the sport and being over 50 years old. Many of his teammates have bought them to help with injury prevention and faster recovery. 
  • Jack: Injury prevention during hockey.
  • Keirstyn: Injury prevention and recovery during Triathlon training.

If you’re interested in learning more about CORESHORTS™ chat with one of the therapists or pop into the clinic to check them out and see if they are right for you.

We are located only 7 min from Oakville Go Station and 10 min from Sheridan College Oakville.

The Burlington physio clinic is located only 2 min south of IKEA Burlington and 6 min north of Burlington Golf & Country Clubon Plains Rd East.

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