Our Team

  • Alicia

Sports and Exercise Medicine

  • Aiken

    Carol Aiken

    B.Sc. (Hons), M.D., CCFP, Dip. Sport Med.

    Dr. Aiken completed medical school and postgraduate training at the University of Western Ontario in 1997. She practiced family medicine in New Jersey, Alberta, and Ontario…
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Registered Physiotherapist

  • Alicia200

    Alicia Jury

    B.Kin.(Hons), MScPT, AFCI

    Alicia Jury graduated in 2009 with a Masters of Physical Therapy from the University of…
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  • beth200

    Beth Truedell

    B.Kin.(Hons), MScPT, AFCI

    Beth Truedell graduated in 2008 with a Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy from…
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  • Staff pic Dana

    Dana Clark


    Dana Clark has been practicing in the area of orthopaedics since 1995. He has received…
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  • Erin200

    Erin Shapcott

    B.Kin, MScPT, AFCI

    Erin Shapcott graduated from The University of Western Ontario (UWO) with her Masters of…
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  • Staff pic- Mitchell B

    Mitchell Baldissarelli

    HBK, MScPT

    Mitchell Baldissarelli graduated from McMaster University with his Masters of Physical…
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  • Staff pic- Mitchell B

    John Josipovic

    B. Kin. (Hon.), M.Sc. PT., Dip. Manip. PT, FCAMPT

    John Josipovic completed a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from …
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  • Staff Kaitlyn Jarrett

    Kaitlyn Jarrett

    M.Sc.PT., B.Sc.Kin.(Hons)

    Kaitlyn graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy…
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  • Tanya Gustaw

    Tanya Gustaw

    MSc.PT, BSc.Kin (Hons), Contemporary Medical Acupuncture

    Tanya is a graduate of the Masters of Science Physical Therapy program ….
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  • Staff Kaitlyn Jarrett

    Dan Armena


    Dan is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Masters of Science…
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Active Release (ART®) Provider

Athletic Therapist
Registered Kinesiologist

  • Anson Ly

    Anson Ly

    CAT(C), R.Kin, RMT, BAHS(AT), B.Kin.

    Anson is a practicing Athletic Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist and Registered Massage Therapist…
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Registered Massage Therapist

  • James White

    James White

    RMT, B.H.K.

    James graduated from the University of Windsor in 2015, completing a Bachelor of Human Kinetics …
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  • Amaya Iribarren

    Amaya Iribarren

    RMT, SMT(cc), CST

    Amaya is a RMT, SMT(cc), CST graduating with her Massage Therapy diploma from Sutherland Chan …
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  • Coco200

    Shujing Luan (Coco)


    Shujing Luan (Coco) is a graduate from Trillium College (was Canadian Therapeutic College)…
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  • Sheddon Physioyherapy Sports Clinic Oakville Mississauga Anson Ly staff

    Anson Ly

    CAT(C), R.Kin, RMT, BAHS(AT), B.Kin.

    Anson is a practicing Athletic Therapist, Registered Kinesiologist and Registered Massage Therapist…
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  • Emily Desmarais

    Emily Desmarais

    Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Aquatic Rehabilitation Specialist

    Growing up as a dancer, I attended my fair share of rehabilitation appointments…
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  • John Waleski

    John Waleski

    Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Myofascial Release, Specializing in Sports and Occupational Therapy

    John graduated from the esteemed Sutherland Chan School and Teaching Clinic in 1995…
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  • Tara Snell

    Tara Snell

    Massage Therapist

    Tara holds a Massage Therapy Diploma from Trillium College and is an active member of…
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  • Peter200

    Peter J. Charbonneau

    B.P.E., A.T., C Ped (C)

    Clinical assessment and orthotic design is provided by Peter J. Charbonneau…
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  • Sarah Alger

    Sarah Alger

    Hon. B.A. Kin., Dip. Pedorthics, C.Ped.(C)

    Sarah is a board certified pedorthist with the Pedorthic Association of Canada…
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Physiotherapy Assistant

  • Jennifer Morassut

    Jennifer Morassut

    Physiotherapy Assistant

    Jennee graduated from Canadore College in 2016, where she …
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  • Sue Langegger

    Sue Langegger

    Therapist / Physiotherapy Assistant

    Growing up in the Blue Mtns of Collingwood and cottaging in …
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  • Sarah Tanner

    Sarah Tanner

    Physiotherapy Assistant

    Sarah joined Sheddon as a Physiotherapy Assistant in April 2017. She graduated …
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Front Desk

  • Anabela

    Anabela Amaral-Dias

    Anabela joined Sheddon as a receptionist, back in 2007 after leaving the Salon …
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  • Wendy Butt

    Wendy Butt

    Wendy joined the Sheddon front desk team in August 2016, previously working at a local non-profit…
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  • Nisrine Fadel

    Nisrine Fadel

    Nisrine joined the Sheddon Front Desk team in November 2018. She comes to us with office administration experience. Her interest
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Office Manager

  • Lorna Henderson

    Lorna Henderson

    Lorna joined Sheddon as the Office Manager in June 2018. She brings with her management and clinical experience …
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