Sheddon Physiotherapy Sports Clinic now offers Services inside Sports Specific Training (SST) in Oakville

Sheddon Physio CLinic at Sports Specific Training SST in Oakville

Sheddon Physiotherapy Sports Clinic now offers Services inside Sports Specific Training (SST) in Oakville

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Adrian is a graduate of the Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy program at the University of Toronto. During his degree, he worked as a Personal Trainer for U of T’s athletic department where he gained exposure to individuals with varying athletic abilities. This experience helped him build the strength & conditioning knowledge that now guides his exercise prescription.
Prior to his Master’s, Adrian attended the University of Waterloo, completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology where he worked as a lab assistant in the field of nutritional lipidomics. This opportunity has widened his perspectives on human longevity, concluding that a holistic approach to care is essential to well-being. Additionally, Adrian gained expertise in anatomy working as a teaching assistant for the school of Anatomy at U of W. These experiences guided his academic interests, and as a result, he finished his kinesiology degree with a double minor in nutrition and medical physiology.

Adrian now spends his days learning new concepts that assist his principles of rehabilitation and overall physical resilience. He attempts to strike a balance between strength training and manual therapy for an active approach to care that is client-driven. His hobbies include mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, and any other pursuits that get his heart rate up.

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As a former NCAA Division 2 baseball player, Liam has been at the center of optimizing movement for well-over a decade. His seemingly-constant state of being injured, inspired Liam to search out answers through education, resulting in a career path in rehabilitative science.

Through his four-year degree, Liam has worked with a large variety of NCAA teams and population types, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. His lifetime goal is to keep as many people as he can from giving up their passions because of pain.

As a Physiotherapy Resident and Certified Athletic Therapist in rehabilitative exercise, his mission is to cement the physical corrections made to the spinal and musculoskeletal system with specific movement patterns, resulting in long-term health.

Liam is driven, goal-oriented, and passionate about optimizing movement for prolonged health, and hopes he can inspire those same feelings in you.

Massage Therapy

Jenn graduated with honours from the Ontario College of Health and Technology in 2022 and is a Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTO. With a passion for health and fitness, and an extensive background in competitive sport, Jenn understands the ins and outs of injury and its rehabilitation process.
Through her previous work as a rehab assistant, combined with her current role as a fitness coach, Jenn approaches her treatments by connecting manual therapy techniques closely with the prescribed rehab/strength and conditioning work. Jenn specializes in incorporating deep tissue techniques, myofascial release techniques, and active stretching to encourage both recovery and promote overall well-being. Jenn’s commitment to work with her client’s feedback throughout the entire session allows her to carry out a client-centered treatment that is tailored to meet every client’s specific needs.
Outside of treating, Jenn enjoys playing recreational volleyball and ultimate frisbee, as well as challenging her own athletic abilities through daily H.I.I.T and heavy strength workouts.

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