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by | Nov 11, 2022 | News Articles

I wanted to share with you a recent story that seems to be repeating itself at our clinic.

A client recently came to us with chronic hip pain. He had been suffering with it for years and finally decided to do something about it. He thought that cortisone shots and “living with it” were his only option.

His arthritis was quite advanced and, while we were able to help him with his pain and improve his function, he is still on a list for surgery in the new year.

What I thought I would share with you were his comments about having come in before new year. Apart from the pain we initially were able to help him with, he was grateful that he could use his expiring benefits to strengthen his hip prior to surgery as was recommended by the surgeon. Now he will have full benefits to properly rehabilitate himself after surgery without paying out of pocket.

This made me think about how to help others prepare for surgery if they didn’t have the time or benefits at their disposal for the remainder of the year.

Here are 3 important tips to follow if you are going for surgery:

(Check with your surgeon or therapist if these pertain to you)

  1. Balance Activity and Rest – find an activity that doesn’t make you more painful and KEEP MOVING, but when sore, take the time to rest
  2. For lower body surgery, often biking is a good way to work on your range and strengthen without the pressure of weight bearing
  3. For back surgery, often unweighted, gentle pool exercise can be beneficial to help you be active without aggravating your symptoms

If you are struggling with an ongoing injury or planning on going for surgery in 2023, now is the time to contact us to work on getting you back to full function. The unused portion of your benefits won’t likely roll over into 2023 and you can take advantage of spreading out your coverage.


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