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The Athlete Training Centre

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic has been working with The Athlete Training Centre, since 2005 and has treated many of their members and pro-athletes. Even our staff train there! We are teaming up with the ATC to make this offer over the holidays to our clients, as the number one gift is health and this is accomplished through exercise.


The Athlete Training Centre will help you stay fit for life. Although the ATC built its reputation on the training of elite athletes, our Adult Fitness Programs are designed for clients of all ages, genders, and levels. The focus of the programs is to inspire each individual to reach and surpass their mental and physical limits.

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Heart Rate Training:

What makes the ATC unique is that all members receive a heart rate belt which is worn during all training sessions. In real time you will see what heart rate zone you are training in, how many calories you have burned and how many EFFORT POINTS you have earned. In addition, you will have your own cloud based account to track your progress.

Any activity you do is captured by your heart rate belt and is uploaded to your cloud account. This gives you and your trainer a great tool to make sure you reach your goals.

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Nutrition Counseling

The saying goes, “you cannot out train bad nutrition!” This is something resonates deeply with our coaches. Because of this the ATC fosters an environment of knowledge, empowerment and support to assist in capitalizing on the hard work each member puts in the gym.

Through the cloud account everything is tracked and monitored and feedback and counseling is available on a constant basis.

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If you would like to read more about the ATC or would like to join. Click here.