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SPSC: A Sports Medicine Clinic for ALL Athletes

In every profession there are individuals and companies that are passionate about what they do, while others just seem to go through the motions. When you’re searching for a Sports Medicine Clinic you need to do a bit of research and find one that offers it all.  They do exist; great therapists, flexible hours, expertise, and a commitment to work with you in order to get you better. Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic takes pride in offering patients the best care they deserve. How is Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic different from every other physiotherapy clinic in Oakville/Mississauga?

Expertise/Level of Therapists

At SPSC, our mission is to offer the most up-to-date treatments by some of the best therapists in the Halton region. All of our therapists have completed extensive post-graduate education across a variety of specialties, including concussion rehabilitation, acupuncture and several other manual therapy courses. All of us at SPSC are committed to providing the most effective treatment possible.

Multi-disciplinary Team

SPSC offers expertise in Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Athletic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Pedorthists and Sports Medicine Physicians. Having all these disciplines under one roof makes it more convenient for patients, and easier for therapists, to collaborate and communicate together in order to provide a more thorough approach to your rehabilitation. Having a Sports Medicine Physician on site is also a huge bonus, as they work with our therapists to help manage patients, guide rehabilitation and facilitate referrals to specialists, diagnostic testing, etc.

Focus on Sports Injuries and Athletes

Treating athletes is a whole different ballgame. At SPSC, we have been treating athletes of all ages and levels, including clientele from a variety of major sports teams and organizations, such as the TFC, NHL, OHL, national level swimmers, runners and Olympic athletes for over 10 years. We understand the demands and needs of athletes and strive to get them back to their sport as quickly and as safely as possible.

Team-Based Therapy

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic works with teams and individual athletes throughout their entire season, coordinating with coaches, trainers, as well as strength and conditioning specialists to ensure that everyone working with the athlete is on the same page. During preseason our therapists play an important role evaluating strength, flexibility, stability and balance to identify limitations, asymmetries and inefficient movement patterns, which may lead to injury during the season. Early identification of weaknesses, tightness, poor stability or inefficient patterns could help prevent future injuries, as each athlete is given an individualized exercise program to target their weaknesses. During the competitive season, SPSC plays a vital role in managing and rehabilitating any athlete who sustains an injury and guiding their safe return to sport. Our therapists stay in communication with the coaches and training staff to ensure that they are aware of the athletes progress and limitations.

Concussion Management

Concussion management programs have become a major focus in sports medicine clinics, due to increased public awareness and recognition of concussions. Our therapists at SPSC have undergone extensive training with the Complete Concussion Management program in order to be educated with the most up-to-date concussion management strategies. In addition, we have successfully treated hundreds of sport-related concussions and have a network of specialists, including sports medicine physicians, vestibular physiotherapists, chiropractors and athletic therapists. We also offer the most comprehensive and research proven concussion baseline testing of any sports medicine clinic in the Mississauga and Oakville area. If you want to organize a time for your team or group of athletes to come in and get their concussion baseline tests completed, we do offer significantly discounted rates for teams and/or groups.

If you are looking for a Sports Medicine Clinic in the Oakville and Mississauga area that has great therapists AND will get you results quickly,  contact Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic at (905) 849-4576.

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Baseline Testing: The Key to Effective Concussion Management

Concussion management programs have become a major focus in sports medicine clinics due to the increased public awareness and recognition of concussions. One of the biggest concerns following a concussion is the possibility that an athlete returns to sport before the brain has fully healed and sustains a second concussion, which has the potential to cause irreversible brain damage. Unfortunately, there is no single clinical test that can be done to know when an athlete has fully recovered from a concussion. Furthermore, research has shown that symptom resolution occurs much sooner than brain recovery, which may put athletes at risk for returning to sport too quickly, especially if sport clearance is based solely on symptoms. How are health practitioners, coaches and parents supposed to know when an athlete is ready to return to sport? In order to know when an athlete has fully recovered, the different areas of the brain that could potentially be affected with a concussion must be assessed, including:

  • Balance;
  • Strength;
  • Reaction time;
  • Neurocognitive performance;
  • and visual processing.

These different test results need be compared to pre-injury values in order to know when an athlete has returned to their normal pre-concussion baseline values. As such, the best way to ensure that you return to sport safely following a concussion is to get baseline tested before a concussion even occurs. At Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic we offer the most comprehensive concussion baseline testing of any sports medicine clinic in the Mississauga and Oakville area.

Why choose us for baseline testing?

Most clinics will tell you that they provide concussion baseline testing, but that doesn’t mean they do it properly. Traditional baseline programs focus solely on computerized neuropsychological tests, such as the ImPACT test. Although vital for assessing neurocognitive function, research has shown that neuropsychological tests should not be used in isolation, since they only address one aspect of concussion. In order to properly manage concussions a baseline test must be multidimensional, assessing the full spectrum of concussion outcomes (i.e., balance, reaction time, visual processing, physical capacity). All of the therapists at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic have undergone extensive training with the Complete Concussion Management program in order to be educated with the most recent research-proven concussion management strategies.

How often should an athlete undergo baseline testing?

As young athletes mature, their baseline scores can change greatly from one year to the next. Therefore, it is recommended that athletes get a baseline at the beginning of each season. Also, if an athlete sustains a concussion during the season, a new baseline will be done following full recovery from the concussion, in case a second concussion occurs during the year.

We are one of the top private clinics in Canada in volume of concussion baseline testing through Complete Concussion Management. In addition, we have successfully treated hundreds of sports-related concussions and have an extensive network of specialists, including a sports medicine physician, vestibular physiotherapists, chiropractors and athletic therapists. We offer the highest quality of concussion testing and management in the Mississauga and Oakville area. If you are interested in learning more about our baseline testing for individual athletes or teams, please contact us at 905-849-4576

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Concussion and Risk of Suicide: Beware of Misleading Information

Concussions are a hot topic, especially regarding the potential for long term health issues. The recent Hollywood movie “Concussion” is based around some current research that has looked at concussions and its association with long term depression and suicide in NFL athletes. With the growing media coverage around concussions, and numerous professional athletes stating long term debilitating effects due to concussions, parents are starting to doubt putting their kids in high-risk sports such as football and hockey. A recent poll in the States found that roughly 40-45% of parents are considering pulling their kids out of contact sports such as football, hockey and wrestling, due to the higher risk of sustaining a concussion. Fortunately, there is lots of research and public awareness surrounding concussions, which is educating parents, coaches and athletes. Unfortunately, along with this increase in concussion knowledge comes potentially misleading information, which is either not fully supported by research or in the early stages of development.

Last month a group of researchers out of the University of Toronto published a study on the risk of suicide post concussion (Fralick et al., 2016). Their results were not very optimistic, as they found that adults with a diagnosis of concussion had an increased long term risk of suicide 3 times the population norm. These results quickly got picked up by the media, adding more fuel to the concussion crisis and putting fear into the public. Although the article was only recently published, there has been some criticism that the results of the study may not be accurate due to methodological flaws. Their results showed an astonishingly high association between concussions and suicide compared to past studies; therefore, criticism has addressed a number of factors which may have biased the sample group, thus causing these high numbers. If you are interested in the detailed critical analysis, you can read more here.

Another major flaw of the study is not fully excluding individuals with a history of mental illness (depression, substance abuse, etc), which is one of the known leading causes of suicide. With the current study, in order to exclude concussed patients with prior mental conditions, physician notes from the year prior to injury were examined. Unfortunately, this method has its limitations, since roughly 45% of people with mental issues, such as depression or anxiety disorders, are either non-diagnosed or have not yet sought treatment. Including concussed patients with a prior mental disorder will skew the results, since the cause of the suicide may have had nothing to do with the concussion.

Unfortunately, anyone in the general public coming across the results of this study in the news will not likely seek out the article and read through the methods section in order to look for flaws. They will quickly look at the results and likely jump to the conclusion that anyone with a concussion is doomed. The overall goal of the present study was to gather some longitudinal data and answer a question in which many are interested. Please use caution when coming across such articles, and until further research emerges, there still is no definitive answer as to whether or not a concussion directly leads to an increased in suicide risk.

Take home message:

What do we know about concussions and long term health issues?

  • Long term complications following concussion are still not fully understood;
  • Determining who will have long-standing concussion symptoms is also not fully understood;
  • The causes of suicide involve many factors and likely cannot be directly related to a single specific cause;
  • Pre-existing mental health issues is one of the strongest predictors of post concussion depression and anxiety (Yang et al., 2015);
  • Depression scores will increase post concussion; however research shows that even mild musculoskeletal injuries will increase depression scores post injury. Mainwaring et al., (2010) showed that athletes with ACL injuries reported higher emotional disturbances, such as depression and anxiety, and for a longer period of time, compared to the concussed athletes;
  • Football players are likely not doomed. Many studies have examined the risk of depression and suicide in former NFL players and the risk is either similar to that of the general population or even lower;
  • Proper management of concussion is key for full recovery;


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Staff Highlight: Anson Ly, CAT(C), BAHS(AT), B. Kin, CSCS

We would like to congratulate Anson Ly on recently passing his Athletic Therapy Board exams. Anson has been working with Sheddon since 2010 as a kinesiologist while he completed his athletic therapy degree at Sheridan College. We are proud to officially add him as Sheddon’s Certified Athletic Therapist. Anson is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), which is the highest level of certification for sport specific testing, strength training and designing conditioning programs to improve athletic performance. Anson’s unique knowledge, skill set and training as an athletic therapist and a CSCS will help Sheddon better serve sports teams, as well as individual athletes. Having an athletic therapist on staff at Sheddon will also assist those individuals who need further treatment and have coverage under their extended health care plan or a sport organization for athletic therapy.

What do Athletic Therapists Do?


Athletic therapists are trained in the assessment, rehabilitation and prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. They are educated in manual therapy techniques, therapeutic modalities, exercise, as well as bracing and taping. Athletic therapists are also trained to work on field during sporting events to provide emergency care.

Aside from his clinical hours at Sheddon, Anson is also busy working regularly with the Toronto Marlies, at the Athlete Training Center, as well as providing field coverage for hockey organizations, including the MOHA and the GTHL . Anson is also currently involved with the Oakville Soccer Club and the Oakville Aquatics Club, providing concussion education, concussion baseline testing and functional movement screens.


Who Has Coverage for Athletic Therapy?

If you play in an organized sports league such as the Oakville Soccer Club or any competitive or recreational hockey leagues, you will have coverage for athletic therapy, if you are injured during a sanctioned game. Furthermore, the extended health care providers below normally cover athletic therapy. We do recommend that you call your insurance to confirm before your first visit.

  • Great West Life
  • Standard Life
  • Blue Cross
  • Hockey Canada
  • Desjardin
  • Claim Secure
  • Sun Life
  • Reliable Life Insurance Co.
  • Manulife
  • Empire Life
  • Greenshield

If you would like more information about athletic therapy, or think you would benefit from seeing an athletic therapist, call our front desk with any questions or to book an appointment.

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Special Event for Concussion Baselines at Team Pricing!

Due to our huge success from last year’s open dates for concussion baseline testing, we have decided to do it again this year. Regardless of the team you play for, or the sport everyone will receive the team rate.

Hurry! Team rates are only happening on Fri Oct 9th, and Sat Oct 10th 2015.

Please contact anson@sheddonphysio.com to book your appointments today!

The cost of the baseline (as it is run by a physiotherapist) is covered under most Health Plans and is good for a full year in any sport.

Please click here to learn about Complete Concussion Management.

Please click here to learn about Concussion Program for Hockey.