Shoulder Pain After Breast Cancer

by | Sep 8, 2013 | shoulder pain, breast cancer

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic has worked with many clients who have suffered from Breast Cancer. We wanted to pass along some important information that relates to women who have been treated for Breast Cancer and are suffering from Shoulder problems. THERE IS A SOLUTION.

In a recent research article, It conclusively stated that women who had suffered from breast cancer, as well as those that had treatment for their breast cancer, benefited immensely from a program of physiotherapy.

What can happen?
After surgery as well as radiation, there is damage to the axillary region (armpit) and this can cause an individual to lose some mobility. There is often lymph node removal which further accentuates this problem as well as the added problem of swelling.
At its worse, this can lead to a frozen shoulder where the arm has trouble lifting above the shoulder and causes the person affected with this to be in pain.

What can Physiotherapy do?

"Image courtesy of Abro/".

“Image courtesy of Abro/”.

The therapists at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic can play a major role in the rehabilitation of women living with Breast Cancer, not only in providing care by decreasing pain and increasing movement and function, but also in making sure that the client is connected to a great massage therapist for swelling control. With a strong medical background, it is easy for your therapist to become one of your most trusted team members who will work with your doctor, massage therapist, and anyone else needed to get you to full function.

Forward this article to them and help them find the caregivers that can assist their recovery faster.

"Image courtesy of photostock/".

“Image courtesy of photostock/”.

By Dana Clark, BScPT, FCAMT

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