Sports are fun but injuries can sometimes occur. As healthy as an active lifestyle is, strenuous exercise or illness can affect sport performance and professional help may be urgently needed to prevent, treat and heal those affected. Sports medicine is a relatively new type of practice aimed specifically at this type of treatment.

Do you need a sports therapist or want to find out more on sports medicine? We have a handy guide for you!

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine relates to medicine concerned with the prevention and treatment of injuries and disorders that are related to participation in sports. It focuses on all matters relevant to the active individual, sports athletes or even kids sports, as well as an extensive focus on musculo-skeletal conditions.

Sports medicine makes use of scientific research and knowledge to ensure that athletics receive the best advice for optimal performance. It involves not only orthopedic medicine, but also extends to medical specialties in cardiorespirology, psychiatry, and a clear understanding of the needs of the athletes.

Sports medicine specialists are healthcare advisers in sports medicine issues. They focus on treating and preventing illness and injury in active individuals. A sports medicine team of professionals include specialty physicians and surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists and coaches. Sports medicine team physicians treat a wide variety of injuries or illnesses.

Some of their healing abilities include:

  • Treatment of fractures
  • Lower leg or foot stress injuries
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Muscular weaknesses
  • Assistance with calorie balance
  • Assistance with strength training
  • Nutrient imbalances and guidance
  • Exercise plans
  • Massage therapy

Common Sports Medicine Physiotherapy questions

  • How much does physiotherapy cost in Ontario and am I covered by OHIP

Physiotherapists for sports medicine related disciplines can range between $70.00 per visit to $120.00 per treatment. This is inclusive of administrative time, treatment plan preparation, inter-professional and professional- insurer consultations.

There is currently no OHIP coverage for Physiotherapy and Chiropractic care under the Health Insurance Act.

  • Is pelvic physiotherapy covered by OHIP?

Pelvis physiotherapy is covered by various med