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Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington

Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic Oakville & Burlington


You are receiving this email as you have an open treatment case at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sport Clinic

Today, it was announced that Ontario has extended the State of Emergency lockdown that commenced Dec 26th 2021 to February 9 to continue preventing the surgery spread of COVID-19.

We have been advised by The Ministry of Health and our professionals’ regulatory colleges that we can remain open to serve you for ALL clinic services.

We feel fortunate that we can continue to provide you with the care you deserve. The team at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic has worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure that we are going above and beyond regulations to serve you in the most responsible and safe way possible. We’ve taken every possible measure into consideration and adapted our policies & procedures to be as vigilant as possible. Your health and wellness is always number one to us!
Here are some enhanced infection control measures that we’ve implemented since our re-opening in June.

  • Pre-screening process. To ensure you are clear to attend, your appointment reminder email you include a link to the Ontario COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool.
  • Screening at the time of your visit. You will be asked, at the time of your visit, if you are cleared to attend based on the COVID-19 questionnaire.
  • Disinfection of hands upon entry. Before you enter the clinic, you will have to disinfect your hands with sanitizer at our sanitization station.
  • Masks are mandatory in the clinic. You may bring your own mask or purchase one for $2.00. Your mask must fit and be worn properly.
  • Limited appointments. In order to adhere to safe social distancing practices, we continue to limit the number of patients and staff at the clinic at any given time. We recommend booking multiple visits in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • No waiting room. Once we check you in and verify that you are cleared to enter, you will be directed right to your treatment area.
  • Time in between each patient to disinfect. We’ve pre-scheduled additional time in between all appointments to allow us to thoroughly disinfect the treatment space.
  • Secure Touchless Payment Options: via Tap, e-transfer or direct billing to insurance companies is available.
  • You will also notice plexi-glass barriers at the reception desk, increased signage to direct patient flow and increased hand sanitizing stations throughout the clinic.

Disinfection Processes

Want to know more about our disinfection processes? Just ask and we’ll share. We use Virox 5 which is recommended by the Government of Canada with evidence for use against COVID-19. Check out the video below to see our protocols for appointments:

Additional Measures

All staff and therapists at Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic are wearing Level 3 masks for patient care and may utilize additional personal protective equipment.
No one awaiting test results or who has had their COVID alert app notify them of a possible exposure will be allowed in the clinic until cleared. We remain committed to keep our team, patients and community.

Virtual Services

In addition, we will continue to offer Virtual Services to our patients to ensure everyone can access the care they need. If you need care but are worried about your risk of exposure, choose our virtual services. Connect directly with one of our highly educated professionals and be guided through your rehabilitation from the comfort of your home. You may also consider a hybrid version of care where in person sessions focus on hands on management while virtual sessions, in between, can be a time to review exercises and learn more about your condition and how to self-manage it.

We will continue to monitor for any developments should they arise and keep you informed via our website, online booking platforms and social media. Please Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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