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Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal pain and injury


physio for musculoskeletal injury

Physiotherapy for musculoskeletal pain and injury

Physiotherapy provides a way of relieving pain, optimizing physical function, and ultimately improving performance. It can help treat musculoskeletal problems involving injury to structures such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and joints. Injuries can occur because of a specific traumatic incident, such as twisting an ankle while playing football or dislocating a shoulder when falling off a bike. Injury can also occur from putting your body under too much strain before it has developed the strength to tolerate it, for example, trying to run too far (or too fast) too soon.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can help relieve or reduce your pain, provide ongoing support to manage your injury or condition, and help you recover after an accident or other injury. Physiotherapists also work with you to increase your flexibility, muscle strength, movement, and coordination. The intervention of physiotherapy treatment has many benefits for athletes. These include:

  • Relieve pain quicker via joint mobility techniques, massages, and electrotherapy.
  • Improve scar tissue by using techniques to guide the direction it forms.
  • Get back to an active lifestyle quicker through faster healing and rehabilitation.
  • Loosen and strengthen your injured areas with individually prescribed exercises.
  • Improve your performance when you return to sport by detecting and helping you correct any biomechanical faults that may affect your technique or predispose you to injury.

5 Reasons to see a physiotherapist

The human body can be very resilient. Short of regenerating new limbs, our bodies can recover from large amounts of damage, including broken bones. However, injury repair can be less straightforward. Here are a few factors of injury healing you might not have been aware of and why you should consider seeing a physiotherapist.

1. Scar tissue is more likely to form without treatment

Scar tissue may cause ongoing pain and stiffness in the skin, muscles, and ligaments. Physiotherapy can help prevent excessive soft tissue scarring from forming through messages, advice regarding movement, and other hands-on treatments.

2. Proprioception (your ability to sense the position of your body and joints) is often damaged after an injury and can be retrained

Impaired proprioception is a significant factor in re-injury. If you have ever heard someone say, “my knee/ankle/shoulder still does not feel 100%,” then this could be the reason. With a specific exercise program, proprioception can improve and recover.

3. Once healing has finished, your body may not be exactly the same as before

Following an injury, ligaments may become lax, joints stiffer, and muscles weaker. While the aches and pain may be subdued, there might still be factors that need to be addressed to prevent more problematic future issues.

4. You may have picked up bad habits while waiting for your injury to heal

While in pain, we often change our way of doing things, which could lead to the development of poor movement patterns and muscle imbalances. Although the pain may be gone, these new patterns can remain and create further problems down the road.

5. Injuries do not always heal completely

Injuries may not fully heal on their own. Such is the case with a fracture that cannot heal if the bone is not kept still enough for long enough. Other factors that may prevent injuries from healing include diabetes, poor circulation, poor nutrition, and insufficient care for the injury.

A physio can assess your injury and develop a treatment plan that will restore you to your optimal physical function and prevent further injuries. If you have any concerns or require sports physiotherapy services for musculoskeletal pain and injury, contact Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic today and schedule an appointment.

For more info, contact Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic at 905-849-4576.
We are located less than 10 min from Sheridan College Oakville and 6 min East of Oakville Place.

The Burlington physio clinic is located only 8 min north-east of LaSalle Park and 10 min north of Burlington Golf & Country Club, on Plains Rd East.

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