Optimize your Health Before the New Year

by | Nov 16, 2022 | News Articles

As benefits are quick to expire, many of our clients have begun to think about how to use their physio coverage, but question if their aches and pains are serious enough to consult a professional. I commonly hear about nagging pains that come and go with a specific activity such as running or weight lifting, but never otherwise appear in day-to-day life. Some individuals get embarrassed as we go through our physical screen and they are unable to recreate the pain in an appointment setting.

Well, I am here to tell you that physio is not just for serious injuries or chronic pain. In fact, treating the beginning stages of an injury is particularly effective because it makes the recovery process that much more efficient. This is proactive rehabilitation. Why wait for that nagging pain you get with squatting to turn into something you feel every time you go up the stairs? 

Watch the video below to learn more:

Our satellite clinic at Sports Specific Training (SST) provides us with a fully equipped gym that makes it easier to replicate the practical everyday demands your body faces that can provoke aches and pains. Working with a trained physiotherapist is an asset to your training as we use our foundational understanding of physiology to build a program that is tailored to your capacities and goals that prevents injuries from popping up in the future.

New to training and thinking about taking it up in the new year? Beat the “resolution” wave and get an assessment by one of our physiotherapists to better understand injury prevention and strategies to maintain your goals for 2023! 

We are here to serve you no matter how small or big the ache might be! Click here to book an appointment.

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