Our Commitment!!

Sheddon is proud to be a successful clinic with many great therapists with strength of skill and character.  We feel that every child deserves a chance to build that character and develop into successful adults.  Camps are a great way to do this.

This year, like the last two, Sheddon will be sponsoring two children for a week at an overnight camp.  The camps focus on leadership, camaraderie and, more importantly, self confidence.  We also understand that, for some, a camp in the city is all that can be done.  We will also be sponsoring 4 children for a week at Muskoka Woods City Camp.  This camp has a very similar focus, with the convenience of being close to home.

We encourage our clients with the means to consider this as another way to give back to a community and to a generation that will eventually help us in the future.


What Are You Doing This Summer!!

This summer, our therapists are very busy.   In addition to our busy caseloads, we will be doing some other exciting things…

In July, we will have our Sports Doctor, and one of our therapists working as medical staff for the Pan Am Games at the soccer events.

In August, we have therapists that will be traveling with the Oakville Aquatics team to their summer Nationals meet.  A long tradition of being a small part in the large success the OAK team deserves.

Over the summer, 4 of our therapists will be consulting with NHL, OHL, and many other hockey players at The Athletes Training Centre as part of our injury prevention and early intervention program.  There has been a joint partnership with this advanced training centre for years.  We will also be doing ongoing testing using predictive tests for adductor/sports hernia tears.

We will be welcoming back our Physiotherapist Erin from her mat leave (TIMES TWO FOR TWINS).  While she will miss the girls, I am sure she will be up for the much needed, comparative relaxation of a busy sports clinic.

In July, our therapists will also be participating in Nexxices (world champions in synchro figure skating)  International Skating Camp.  We will be doing educational lectures on injury prevention to figure skaters of all ages.

So…what are your plans this summer?


When Does 10 equal 1???

When we moved from Sheddon Ave. (our namesake) in 2014, we had spend close to 10 years in the same location under the same owner, Dana Clark.  He took over a small clinic that was on the same spot since 1999.

We started small, just a therapist and an assistant (and just under 900 sq.ft), then added and added staff as the demand for our brand increased.
In 2006 we expanded to 1900 sq.ft and slowly increased to 5 therapists, 3 massage therapists and a sports doctor over the next 8 years.
Last year we decided that in order to deliver the quality of care needed from our patients, and asked for by the doctors, we needed to expand to a new and brighter (and more functional location).  After looking for convenience of access and layout of buildings, we finally chose 1300 Cornwall as our final (WE HOPE) expansion.
At 4700 sq.ft, there is no private clinic quite like it in Halton.  9 Therapists, 4 Massage Therapists, Athletic Therapy, Chiropractic, Pedorthic and a Full TIme Sports Medicine Doctor.  This is why clubs, training facilities and teams seek us out to offer education and preventative care for their members.
When does 10 equal 1?   When, at 10 years old, our clinic turns one at its new location at the end of May 2015.
Happy Birthday Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic.


We are moving!!

In late May 2014, we will be moving to our new location on Cornwall rd. Near Morrisson. Our new address will be 1300 Cornwall Rd., Unit 203.
Stay tuned for further information go to our facebook page to see the changes and what it looks like.


Concussion management with Sheddon Physiotherapy

Our staff is currently working with Complete Concussion Management to keep up to date with all treatments, and research related to concussions and their related issues.
Visit CCM at