McKenzie Method

Unlike traditional physiotherapy techniques, the McKenzie Method ® (also called MDT or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) (practiced by all our therapists) is focused on empowering you to SELF TREAT using individually prescribed very simple exercises and postures. It is most effectively used under specific conditions of the spine.

Even people with chronic pain that responded poorly to traditional conservative treatment often get rapid results using the McKenzie Method ® – often within the first session. This method is gaining popularity due to the extent of support in the literature, and the cost benefit to clients and insurance companies.

The McKenzie Method – More Facts

  • Research has shown that the McKenzie assessment is as reliable as CT scans and MRI’s in determining the source of the patient’s pain and the potential for recovery.
  • 50-70% of people with low back and leg pain above the knee rapidly improve when they are given the correct treatment.
  • Rapid responders often include patients who have not benefited from other treatments. They can be identified in 1-2 visits.
  • The McKenzie Method is the most researched physiotherapy treatment system.


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