Massage Therapy and Sciatic Pain…What You Need To Know

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Sciatica – such a bad word that evokes ideas of pain and fear!

But what exactly does sciatica mean?

Sciatica is commonly referred to as pain caused by compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. Pain is localized to the low back and down one or both legs and can manifest itself as a dull ache, a pins and needles sensation, heaviness/fatigue of the leg or a shooting pain along the sciatic nerve pathway.

Position is often a factor of severity. Bad posture = more pain.

"Image courtesy of Ambro /".

“Image courtesy of Ambro /”.

The sciatic nerve being the biggest nerve in the human body is more like a high voltage cable. Sometime due to repetitive stress or injury, structures around the sciatic nerve get inflamed, become a bit bigger and closer to the nerve. The sciatic nerve likes its own space and starts to “shock” the surrounding tissue and we get the pain in the butt that then travels down the leg.

How can massage therapy help?

Firstly, massage will increase the circulation to the injured site and relax the surrounding structures.

Secondly, it will flush the waste from the injured site and in return it will bring fresh nutrients for faster recovery.

Also, massage along with soft tissue manipulations will unwind the scar tissue and allow the nerve to glide freely.

"Image courtesy of Ambro /".

“Image courtesy of Ambro /”.

Left untreated, this problem can lead to further pain, discomfort and a change in walking. Over time, this can lead to an increase in stress on other structures like the hips, knees and upper back.

Bottom Line: Talk to your therapist today for treatment options for your sciatic pain.

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Image courtesy of imagery majestic /

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