HydroKinetics Pool Program

HydroKinetics - Instructor And Patient Undergoing Water Therapy

HydroKinetics is a comprehensive warm water exercise therapy program developed by a Registered Physiotherapist. Class sizes are small and participants are closely supervised by caring professionals to help everyone reach their individual goals. Pool exercises are tailored to the patient’s needs based on a Physiotherapist’s initial assessment.

This program is developed at Sheddon to be carried out offsite by a pool therapist.

HydroKinetics Program Features

  • HydroKinetics warm water exercise therapy programs can be used as an adjunct to other traditional therapies.
  • Swimming ability is not necessary to participate.
  • No referral required.
  • Classes are covered by most private, motor vehicle accident, WSIB and extended health care insurance plans.
  • Also offering Hot-Yo-qua, Senior fit, Power Aquafitness, and Aqua-kickboxing. To learn more, please call our clinic or click here to download our info pdf.

For this service to be covered under your benefit plan, an assessment needs to be done by one of our therapists.