It’s that time of year when students aged 5-25 head back into the classroom. Unfortunately, the majority of students spend their time sitting for long periods and lugging heavy backpacks to and from school and different classes. This combination puts students at an increased risk for neck, shoulder and back injuries. 23% of elementary kids and 33% of high school kids complain of back pain. Individuals (of all ages) who spend most of their time sitting are 30% more at risk for back injuries. The most common risk factor for injury is bad posture! “Slouching” leads to a forward head posture and rounded back/shoulders, which increases tension in the muscles, stress on the ligaments and joints, and increased compressive forces in the spine. The goal of this article is to provide some valuable tips for students (and their parents who likely sit all day as well) in order to develop better postural habits at school AND home (good posture isn’t just for the classroom; it’s also important while playing video games, texting, etc.).


Students, especially as they get older, spend a large portion of their day seated at a desk. Unfortunately, school classrooms are not designed ergonomically for different body types. Younger children may have their feet dangling in the air as they sit on chairs too high for them, while taller teenagers are crammed into a small desk. While you can’t do much about the furniture at school, here are some tips about what you can change:

  • Avoid slouching – see image below;

Sitting Back Posture Sheddon Physio Sports Clinic Oakville Mississauga

  • It’s hard to stay in perfect posture ALL the tim