Improving hip mobility, through stretching, can help you reduce pain for those suffering from lower back pain.

A Canadian study in the May 2012 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, by McGill and Moreside, examined three different interventions to improve hip mobility. They looked at the effects of core stabilization, motor training, and myofacial stretching techniques of a group of 24 healthy males over a 6 week period.

The key takeaway of the study were that the myofascial components to the stretch (selective arm and torso positioning to help stretch the muscles and overlying fascia of the hip) may be beneficial and considered in addition to (or in place of) selective hip stretching.

Limited hip rotation often leads to the twisting of the lower back, which can injure the spine. That is why seeing your Sheddon Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) or your Sheddon Chiropractor (that provide A.R.T.) are key tools when battling low back pain. Both techniques can be used to help facilitate myofascial stretching/release to get those hips moving.

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