Don’t Live With Dizziness

Most people think dizziness and balance deficits are just a normal part of getting older and that they ‘just have to live with it’ or ‘it will go away on its own’. What these people do not realize is that physiotherapists have many tools to manage or even eliminate these symptoms.

For individuals with long standing or chronic dizziness habituation and adaptation exercises are one such tool. Something as simple as taking specific movements that trigger the dizziness and making them into daily exercises can help your brain to better handle these situations when you encounter them throughout the day. A variety of balance exercises and strategies are also often helpful in these cases to decrease fall risk and to improve confidence.

Those individuals that have an acute onset of dizziness, specifically a spinning sensation, will need a different plan of attack. These people will often describe approximately 10 seconds of ‘spinning’ with head movements or rolling over in bed. This is the classic description of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and although most episodes only last 2-3 weeks a physiotherapist with vestibular training can eliminate symptoms in 15-20 minutes! Unfortunately, research shows that approximately 80% of those people that get BPPV will get it again at some point in their lives. Although there are no preventative exercises, your physiotherapist can teach you the technique to use at home should it return months or even years later.