When people hear about the benefits of core strength and injury prevention, they usually think of lower back weakness and kegels.

While core strength is essential in the prevention and rehabilitation of lower back injuries, it plays a much bigger role in overall function and sports performance, and goes well beyond the kegel exercise. Core strength plays a major role in posture, strength, coordination and power in all types of activities from running to throwing.

At Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic in Oakville we assess both static and dynamic core stability as it relates to your sport. From our assessment findings specific core exercises will be prescribed and progressed to prevent injury and improve athletic performance.

Basic core exercises initially teach how to recruit the core muscles. Once this can be done successful, various progressions can be used to challenge the core by adding limb movements, unstable surfaces and different forms of resistance.

The video below demonstrates a core stability progression exercise, which incorporates functional extremity movements and resistance.

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