Got sunscreen?

Endurance exercise can impair your skin’s natural defenses.

A German study reported that those who ran or bicycled at moderate to high intensity for 30 minutes saw the carotenoid levels in their skin fall.

The reason: Your body uses these UV-blocking compounds to neurtralize free radicals formed by exercise, says study author Alexa Patzeit, M.D.

Smear on a broad spectrum sunscreen, one that blocks both UVB and UVA. Also, pick one that can can be worn even after sweat and contact water. Don’t forget to cover your ears and hairline, two areas that people often neglect.

The type of SPF you wear generally depends on the type of skin you have and how long you will be exposed to the sun. Ask your Sheddon Physiotherapist about the type of sunscreen you should wear! Call us at (905) 849-4576

By Dana Clark
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