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Would you like to improve your golf performance?

Are you constantly getting injured during the golf season?

Would you like to prevent golf injuries this summer?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then keep reading. Sheddon Physiotherapy and Sports Clinics physiotherapist, Robin Valadares, recently attended a golf specific rehabilitation program taught by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Robin is an avid golfer, and his love for the sport made him want to learn how to help golfers get stronger and play their best golf. TPI is the world’s leader in golf fitness, development and performance, with most of the top golfers in the world being advised/treated by TPI certified experts. During Robin’s certification program he learned TPI’s 16-step physical screening approach, which assesses how the body moves. These 16 tests analyze different movement patterns and how they can affect a player’s golf swing and potentially lead to injuries. Once specific limitations and faulty movement patterns are identified, the athlete can work towards enhancing or eliminating that physical limitation in order to maximize their game and prevent injury.

During your initial assessment, a detailed history of current and previous injuries will be addressed, as well as your golf performance goals. A physical assessment will also be completed in order to identify any areas of weakness or potential limitations. From this assessment, a plan will be put in place addressing any areas needing improvement, which is usually achieved through physiotherapy and golf specific exercises that will be taught to you.

As a physiotherapist, I look for areas where the body may be at risk of injury as well as working with players to overcome injury. We are part of the team, with the fitness coach/professional and most importantly the golf professional. I will NOT teach swing mechanics, but I will help foster a more apt body for those mechanics.” Robin Valadares

Don’t wait until injury prevents you from a swinging a club. Get assessed while the season is just starting in order to find out how to prevent injuries, get stronger and bring your golf game to the next level. Robin Valadares, Jason Kobrick and Erin Shapcott have all completed