Ben Sit, Sports Dietician And Sports Nutritionist

Ben is a Registered Dietitian and Sports Dietitian. He received his education from Ryerson University’s School of Nutrition and graduated his Dietetic Internship from the Sunnybrook Dietetics Internship Program in 2010.

He received a Sports Dietitian Certificate from the Sports Dietitians of Australia. Prior to his professional life as a Sports Dietitian, he also trained as a Chef and a Pastry Chef! He continues to explore the importance of health through different cultural foods and cultural food practices along with his culinary and nutrition background.

Ben is also an athlete himself as a marathoner, triathlete and calisthestics athlete. These unique combinations make Ben’s interventions truly unique and customized for the individual! Ben works with all clients from Olympic and Professional athletes to the Weekend Warrior looking to work on some health goals!


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